We're all mad here.

I’m not lying when I say this, but I really feel Phantom should be placing higher, but….


It’s like I have been saying all along, 2014 WILL go down in the history books. Right now probably the best top 12 I have ever seen compared to dci 1997 & 2008. Those years were extremely competitive like this year. So where ever Phantom places, it’s a great spot in my eyes.

Look at my swan arm on da 40. Ooowh killem.

Their silks are gorgeous 😍😍

Anonymous said: I have millan for writing 101 at usciences and heard he doesnt give out any As (ratemyprofessor) is this true? should i switch?

I had soisson and Diaz-Gilbert for my two writing classes, so I can’t say Milan doesn’t give A’s from experience. Writing at usciences isn’t that hard, either. Especially if you wrote a good amount of papers in high school. I know some people who had Milan and did well (I don’t know their letter grade though). If you’re really concerned about it then I would switch, or focus more effort/focus into writing than you usually would.


we’re literally random people around the world sitting on the internet telling bad jokes to each other why the fuck is this the most important thing i’ve got going on

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Saw some DCI shows today. I’ve come to a conclusion that anyone on Contra can marry me. And that Phantom Regiments drum major has hella strong booty game.


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things that should not concern u:
- the length of a woman’s skirt
- the tightness of a woman’s top
- how many people a woman has slept with

things that should concern u:
- america’s gun laws
- that u haven’t petted enough dogs today
- harry potter named a kid albus severus

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follow me, i’m a good reblogger

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”’I’m really not a cat person”’

but their feeT LOOK LIKE BEANS


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Day 72: shameless repost because the sky yesterday was beyond words #skyappreciation #pr14 #prphotoaday #phantomregiment #dci14 #dciphotoaday

Phantom Regiment sharing their exhilarating performance of Swan Lake #bdworld